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  • What services does Enable currently offer?
    We offer: Accredited IT asset recycling services: collections, data destruction and reporting, asset and e-waste reporting, on-site bins or cages, as well as re-deployment and some reimaging services. Warehousing, fulfillment, and storage services: re-deployment, pick, pack, dispatch, and storage services. Retailing of business technology and an online shop selling affordable tech for those in need. Visit for more information. Enable performs all services marketed to customers with 100% of proceeds reinvested to deliver social impact.
  • What happens to the decommissioned tech sent to Enable for recycling?
    When your equipment arrives, it is given a job number. Items are tested, graded, and checked for functionality. At this point, a decision is made regarding their next life. All items are entered into The Enable Service System (TESS) and can be tracked through Enable's accredited downstream recyclers and waste partners. All asset tags are removed. Working-order equipment is either reused or sold for social impact through accredited partners or online at, with a 15% Social Impact discount available for those in need. Non-working equipment is dismantled, providing work skills activities for local disadvantaged jobseekers which improves their prospects of getting a job. Some parts and commodities are sold or recycled through accredited downstream recyclers. Customers have the option to receive detailed asset reports, data destruction, and e-waste certificates free of charge.
  • When donating decommissioned tech, how does Enable ensure any remaining data is kept safe?
    Enable is accredited under AS/NZ 5377, the national e-waste standard, and is regularly audited by an external body for compliance. We offer three types of data sanitisation services: data wiping using Kildisk commercial-grade software, degaussing, as well as physical destruction for the ultimate peace of mind.
  • What percentage of any proceeds are invested in Enable's social and environmental impact?
    All profits from your Social Procurement with Enable support our charitable mission. Enable carries out 100% of its recycling, fulfillment, and online shop activities. The direct beneficiaries of Enable's Greener Futures Employability Program are the participants involved. Enable does not receive any government service provider funding, so we generate our own income to do what we do!
  • Does Enable perform the services advertised to customers, or is most of it outsourced?
    Enable and our community partners carry out 100% of the services marketed to customers, ensuring that there is no involvement of third-party supply chains, eliminating third-party supply chain and reducing service delivery risk. Since Enable does not receive any government service provider funding, Social Procurement with our Customers is key to delivering our Social and Environmental impact.
  • Is Enable Social Procurement ready?
    Absolutely! Enable is an accredited Social Trader with a proven track record of collaborating with large Corporates and fulfilling national service delivery contracts across various industries. Find out more about how procuring with Enable can assist your organisation with reporting against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Can Enable perform the same quality of work as the major players?
    YES. Enable is accredited under the national E-Waste Standard (AS/NZ5377) for the collection, storage, transport, treatment, refurbishment, and re-market of end-of-life electronic waste. The advantage with Enable is the opportunity to undertake procurement that results in financial, social, and environmental impact. Importantly, Enable performs the services we market to you, so there is no third-party procurement risk.
  • What types of decommissioned tech does Enable accept?
    We currently accept: Computers Laptops, notebooks, and tablets LCD Monitors Printers Keyboards & Mice Servers & networking equipment Phones Cables and Cords
  • Am I donating to an actual charity or a for-profit business?
    Enable is a registered Australian charity AND not-for-profit, which means 100% of any proceeds from donated equipment and commercial services are invested into Enable's social and environmental services and outcomes.
  • Does Enable pay full award wages or supported wages to employees with disabilities?
    Enable pays 100% of award wages to all employees of all abilities.
  • Can Enable undertake national contracts?
    You bet! In fact, our major customer is a national contract.
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