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Creating Social and Environmental Impact from e-Waste

The power that Social Enterprise has to solve social and environmental issues is again on show with the release of Enable's 2018 Social and Environmental Impact report.

Whilst categorised as a small not-for-profit, when it comes to Social and Environmental Impact, Enable is punching well above its weight.

Tackling barriers to employment to reduce the risk of poverty

The popularity and demand for Enable's Employability Skills Program saw participation increase by 53% during the 2017-2018 calendar year. Over 450 participants who may or do experience barriers to employment have received a total of 14,051 employability skills hours to assist with career decision-making and improve their chances of getting a job.

Creating employment pathway outcomes through Social Procurement

At the local level, Enable continues to tackle unemployment head-on. New customers increased by 89% during 2017-2018. Overall, customer social procurement has supported

Enable to create 10 employment pathway opportunities including 6 direct employment outcomes with Enable.

Social Procurement that doubles down for Enable's customers with social and environmental impact

Doubling down on impact, Enable's environmental impact through commercial trade has also sky-rocketed. 133,046 kilograms of computer equipment diverted from landfill. Used printer cartridges were re-purposed and laid 86.3 kilometers of local road.

Julie McKay, Managing Director says "We are very proud of our track record delivering big on our social and environmental impact and it's because our Customer base growing significantly".

"Enable's offering delivers real benefits and outcomes for our Customer's financial, social, and environmental strategic initiatives - Social Procurement at it's finest!"

Enable IT Recycling offers a full suite of recycling services including collections and data destruction and is accredited under the AS/NZS 5377:2013 - Collection, storage, transport, and treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment standards.

recycle. inspire. change.

To find out more:

Visit the Enable IT Recycling webpage like the Enable Facebook page

Contact Julie McKay, Managing Director on 0402 141 947

Enable IT Recycling, 60 Belfast Street, Broadmeadows.

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