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Enable expands Greener Futures Employability Program to Support Offenders

Community Partnership with Department of Justice supports offenders with their mandatory community work orders to gain vital employability skills.

Enable was recognised in 2017 Victorian Premier’s Awards with two Finalist nominations (Environmental Justice and Community categories) for the Greener Futures Employability Program. As at December 2017 Enable has delivered 6,835 hours of employability skills to 218 participants most likely to experience barriers to employment to improve their chances of getting work as well as diverted 81.6 tonne of e-waste from Landfill through accredited recycling services.

During early 2017, Enable embarked upon a partnership with Department of Justice Community Work Program in Derrimut to initially, pilot a “clone” of the Enable’s existing Greener Futures program to support offenders with employability skills within the growing e-waste sector whilst meeting obligations of their mandated community work court orders. Through the partnership the program has since moved from Pilot stage. As at 27th June 2018 the program has supported 111 offenders with 2439.70 hours of employability skills. Offenders are provided the opportunity to learn new work skills operating under robust Quality Management systems respondent to the national e-waste standards including computer equipment disassembly, parts identification and sorting as well as robust OH&S and relating work instructions – all serving to assist with offenders with future employment prospects. There are also benefits if a sense of community and common environmental cause with Enable diverting e-waste from landfill.

Chair of Enable, Bernadette O’Connor says “Great things happen with collaboration and through this Community partnership with Department of Justice we have seen significant growth in our social and environmental impact whist supporting participants in the justice system with future employability.”

Offenders participating


Employability skills hours


*as of 27th June 2018

Enable’s next Social Impact Report is due to be released in December 2018.

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